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Relax & View® Video MRI Entertainment Package

  • Relax & View® Video MRI Entertainment Package
  • Relax & View® Video MRI Entertainment Package
  • Relax & View® Video MRI Entertainment Package



The Ultimate in MRI Patient Relaxation

Relax & View® Video Relaxation System is a unique product and helps to relieve the claustrophobia, stress and boredom often associated with having an MRI scan.

The Relax & View® Video Relaxation System provides a complete audio/visual experience while having an MRI.  This helps to relieve the problems associated with the MR environment and to enhance the patient's feeling of well being.  This also has a beneficial effect on staff.  

Reduced stress levels lead to:

    • a relaxed and therefore co-operative patient
    • in many cases no need for sedation
    • faster throughput of patients
    • in children the relief of boredom, with all its associated problems

 The Relax & View® Video Relaxation System is easily installed in existing MRI facilities without the need to ramp down the magnet.

The use of advanced fibre optic technology for the delivery of the signal to the shielded screen enclosure ensures an artefact free scan under all conditions.

The displayed image can be inverted and or reversed, so that no matter the orientation of the patient in the scanner, or the mirror configuration, the patient will always view the displayed image in its correct orientation.

The audio side can be either connected through the scanner's audio system (if fitted) or through the PureSound Audio System (optional).

It is also possible to supply a monitor with suitable mounting bracket to go in the patient waiting area which allows those waiting to watch the same DVD as being shown in the scan room. 







CSP Medical will be donating $250 to PHSS for every Relax & View® Video MRI Entertainment Package sold. 

PHSS is a provincial non-profit, community-based organization dedicated to supporting people with developmental, medical, and/or complex physical needs so they can live in their own homes, and participate in the community with family and friends.

PHSS supports more than 300 individuals in more than 70 locations across Ontario, providing 24/7 residential supports, day and overnight respite, specialized complex medical care and intensive behavioural supports, recreation and cultural programs, and support for individuals living at home with their families.

To make a donation to PHSS, please CLICK HERE  


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