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MRI 3D Geometry Phantom


3D Geometry Phantom™

Main Features:

* „The phantom can be utilized to evaluate linearity and FOV accuracy in three dimensions.

* Leak-proof design allows filling of desired background material 

„* High quality, precision, and accurate construction used throughout 

„* The phantom physical specifications is described below including the registration lines.

Cylinder inside diameter: 21 cm
Cylinder outside diameter: 22.2cm
Flooded height inside: 21 cm
Cylinder outside Height: 23.4 cm
Hole spacing: 1.5 cm
Hole diameter: 0.3 cm
Plate thickness: 0.64 cm
# holes in X plate: 196
# holes in Y plate: 196
# holes in Z plate: 140
Registration lines: 15°intervals 0° to 75°


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