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UPGRADE Red Piranha to Black Piranha

  • UPGRADE Red Piranha to Black Piranha
  • UPGRADE Red Piranha to Black Piranha


We are be offering great deals on upgrades on ALL Piranhas out there in the market!  Upgrade your existing Red Piranha Main Unit to a Black Piranha with all new beam qualities and modalities.

FAST – The RTI Black Piranha brings a quickness and power to your QA work flow.

  •  Improved Bluetooth connectivity – Ocean prompts Auto-search and pairing between Ocean and Piranha.
  • Connect to your tablet or PC via built-in Bluetooth or USB and you have the complete QA system.
  • The Black Piranha is complemented by the Ocean 2014 database software.
  • You will notice that your workflow is more intuitive - Work will move quickly.

Ocean 2014 is not just a display; Ocean 2014 is a powerful organizational tool to control the Black Piranha. You are able to plan and
collect measurements the way you want. Measurements and data are stored – allowing for analysis, trending and printed reports.
Whether you use a Windows tablet* or laptop, this will be an indispensable QA tool.

EASY – The Black Piranha is Plug N Play – It automatically recognizes the probe being used and selects the appropriate settings for those measurements. You can even easily program your own default start-up screen. Ocean 2014 also features Quick Check mode – This Ocean 2014 feature provides a quick and easy way to start your measurements. Simple and accurate measurements along with data and waveforms are instantly displayed. Templates are provided, just power-up and go.

ACCURATE – The Black Piranha is not just distinctive by its color – There is something “under the hood”. An improved, lead free, solid- state detector design provides for greater accuracy and ease in positioning. It can measure on Rad, Fluoro, Dent, Mammo, and CT.

Rad/Flu/CT/Dent Improvements:

  • You will experience a higher “practical” accuracy thanks to better stability in the design, new algorithms and calibration procedures.
  • The Total Filtration range is now extended to 1–50 mm Al, 50–140 kV.
  • The active compensation is extended, now from 1 mm Al to 2 mm Cu.
  • New beam qualities for CT, (C4(GECT (7°)), C5(Aquillio64), C6(GECT (10,5°)

Mammo Improvements:

  • You will experience a much higher “practical” accuracy thanks to better stability in the design, new algorithms and calibration procedures.  This is especially useful for users of Giotto, Fuji and Hologic equipment.
  • The detectors are redesigned to reduce position and rotation dependence.
  • New calibrations are added for Fujifilm Amulet Innovality. (M19(W/0,7 mm Al (Innovality)), M20(W/50 μm Rh (Innovality)).
  • New calibrations are added for Hologic Dimension and Selenia. (M15(W/0,70 mm Al), M16(W/50 μm Ag (Sel)), M17(W/50 μm Rh (Sel)), M18(W/0,3 Cu), M21(Mo/25 μm Rh (Sel)), M27 (Affirm Prone W/50 μm Ag), M28 (Affirm Prone W/0.7 mm Al).
  • New calibration are added for GE Healthcare Senograph Pristina M22(Rh/30 µm Ag (GE HC)), M23(Rh/Ag IQST (GE HC)), M24(-Mo/0.25 mm Cu (GE HC)), M25(Rh/0.25 mm Cu (GE HC)), M26(Mo/30 µm Mo (GE HC)).
  • The Quick HVL now supports all mam calibrations and compression paddle thickness up to 0.2 mm Al.
  • A new calibration record for W-target calibration is added.

Ocean 2014:

  • It is now suitable for touch screens (Requires Tablets with Windows 8 or 10).
  • Ocean is now even faster! – a lot of different actions are much quicker to give the user a very positive and fast experience when running Ocean 2014.
  • A Quick Check feature with plug-and-play is now included.
  • It is now easier to measure on fluoroscopy (we have reduced the risk for “false” values).
  • Improvements have been made on the possibility to add checklists to your Ocean template.
  • The program now has even greater capabilities for user-calculations.
  • The user interface when working with Excel is updated and much more powerful.
  • The report function is improved and much more flexible.


  • Black Piranha can only be used with the Ocean 2014.
  • There are two license levels of Ocean. Ocean Connect is included. Possibility to purchase Dell Tablet with Ocean Pro.
  • If you have both Barracudas and Piranhas (Black Piranhas or with Black firmware) you must have two versions of Ocean.
  • Piranha retains existing serial number but essentially rebuilt to a new instrument.
  • The Piranha comes with 2 Years warranty on labor and parts after the upgrade.
  • Note that it is also possible to take the opportunity and upgrade the model of your Piranha while changing to BLACK, for example if you wish to utilize Mam application, Wide-Range or Waveform.



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