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MRI Dual Pod Ceiling Mount Light



Non-Magnetic MRI Dual Pod Ceiling Mount Light
Double Your Effort (x2) Pods:     Each Pod:  29” extension arm, 720° rotation & 69” reach to beam center, 359° lamp head/balance arm rotation in horizontal and vertical planes, Unlimited beam placement and Balanced arm rotation. Light has a 30 foot cord to transformer box (see warning below) 9.5 foot cord from transformer to wall outlet.
Certified as MRI Compatible, these surgery lights are ideal for surgical and specialty procedures in MRI facilities. Made of MRI compatible materials and approved by both GE and Siemens for use with their MRI solutions.
Ideal for MRI surgical applications and procedures where maneuverability and compact design are key requirements.  Brings performance of a surgical light into the MRI suite.  Excellent flexibility and reach combined with high performance and space saving design makes it ideal for the MRI environment.  Unlimited positioning and market leading vertical and horizontal reach allow for optimal functionality around the bore.  "No Tool" service minimizes risk, and the compact design limits obstruction of the work are around the MRI equipment.  
MRI Features (x 2):

  • Tested and Certified for MRI compatibility
  • 114-inch reach provides head to toe coverage
  • Drift free balance arm design
  • (3) 35W long life halogen bulbs
  • Provides unparalleled reach, range of motion, and beaming flexibility
  • High intensity medical lighting; illuminates up to 6000 footcandles
  • Provides head-to-toe coverage
  • Space-saving design
  • Easy installation and maintenance
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