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ACR Large MRI Accreditation Phantom


The ACR-MRI Phantom is an 8" (203.2 mm) diameter cylinder, 6.82" (173.40 mm) tall with various fixtures inside, including a grid, cylinders and other points of interest. 
Marked with reference points for nose and chin. The Phantom is approved by the American College of Radiology and is compatible with the ACR Phantom Cradles listed below (sold separately).

ACR MRI Phantom Refill Kit (Optional): a The Refill Kit for the ACR Phantom includes everything you need to easily remove air bubbles and top off the ACR phantom. This saves you time and money by eliminating expensive overnight shipping costs to ship the phantom back and forth. The Refill Kit allows for multiple uses so you have a trouble-free solution the next time your phantom gets an air bubble.  (sold serparately). 

The MRI Phantom Cradles for use with ACR Phantom.  
Beginning August 1, 2002 the American College of Radiology (ACR), as part of its Quality Control program, began requiring ACR accredited MRI sites to calibrate their MRI units on a weekly basis. ACR has introduced a head coil phantom designed and produced specifically for such calibrations. However, the ACR phantom is not compatible with other phantom cradles, nor does ACR produce such a cradle for the ACR phantom. This has left MRI technologists around the country to use various rudimentary devices to attempt to accurately position the ACR phantom and has resulted in a lot of wasted MRI time - with such positioning often taking as much as an hour to complete.  These MRI Phantom Cradles solve the ACR phantom positioning problem.  
Consistently and precisely positions the ACR Phantom in the head coil in less than a minute saving valuable MRI time - approximately 30 minutes per week/26 hours per year and saves the MRI technologist the frustration of positioning the ACR phantom without a compatible cradle. 
Available compatible with most GE, Siemens, Hitachi and Philips MRI’s.

Optional Items Available:

  • CASE, Hard side storage case for Large MRI Accreditation Phantom (591-1001)
  • CARE KIT, Care Kit for Large MRI Accreditation Phantom - 1 box, 2 foam inserts, bags, ties and yellow service form (591-1002)
  • Set of (10) MRI Phantom screws (591-1003)
  • 5/16" (8mm) all plastic nut driver (591-1004)
  • Optional Phantom Cradles


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