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X-Ray Meters

  • Black Piranha - NEW!
    Black Piranha - NEW!
        Introducing RTI's Black PIRANHA - Easy and Fast X-ray Quality Control The Black Piranha is powerful and unique - the strongest of all Piranhas.  The power of the black Piranha is absolutely impressive...
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  • Cobia Dental
    Cobia Dental
    For Increased Dental Safety Cobia Dental is a simple-to-use instrument for checking that the output from dental intraoral X-ray tube is correct. Since the Cobia is so easy to position and doesn’t require any...
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  • Cobia Flex
    Cobia Flex
    Flexible X-Ray Quality Control Cobia Flex offers you all possibilities with an ease of use to make your X-ray Quality Control as quick and accurate as possible. It’s just as easy as a Cobia Smart but with more...
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  • Cobia Sense
    Cobia Sense
    Cobia Sense – Sensible X-ray Constancy Checks The Cobia Sense offers you a convenient way to make the regular constancy checks of your X-ray equipment as quick and as accurate as possible. Cobia Sense is dedicated...
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  • Cobia Smart X-ray Meter
    Cobia Smart X-ray Meter
     A Simple and Smart Solution for Measuring Reliability Cobia Smart is a straightforward  and simple-to-use instrument for checking that the output from an X-ray tube is correct. Place it beneath the X-ray tube,...
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  • UPGRADE Red Piranha to Black Piranha
    UPGRADE Red Piranha to Black Piranha
    We are be offering great deals on upgrades on ALL Piranhas out there in the market!  Upgrade your existing Red Piranha Main Unit to a Black Piranha with all new beam qualities and modalities. FAST – The RTI Black...
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