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X-Ray Meters

  • Black Piranha - NEW!
    Black Piranha - NEW!
        Introducing RTI's Black PIRANHA - Easy and Fast X-ray Quality Control The Black Piranha is powerful and unique - the strongest of all Piranhas.  The power of the black Piranha is absolutely impressive...
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  • Cobia Sense
    Cobia Sense
    Cobia Sense – Sensible X-ray Constancy Checks The Cobia Sense offers you a convenient way to make the regular constancy checks of your X-ray equipment as quick and as accurate as possible. Cobia Sense is dedicated...
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  • Standard Mammographic Test Object TOR MAS
    Standard Mammographic Test Object TOR MAS
    A test object designed to be used quickly and easily on a routine basis to provide an ongoing check of imaging performance, particularly those aspects which are most liable to deterioration. An ongoing record of these...
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