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Wide Range Beta-Gamma GM Area Monitor


For use in and around nuclear reactors, hot cells, irradiators, and other facilities handling radioactive materials or x-ray equipment.

TA’s FM-9W Area Monitor Series are rugged and ideal for either laboratory or industrial application. AC Operation.

These versatile radiation control instruments fill a varied list of applications and placement needs.

The FM-9W Area Monitor Series utilize a variety of probes including Technical Associates P & S series, Geiger, and Scintillation. The many choices in probes provide instrumentation will fit your need. User settable to preferred engineering units: mR/h; Sv/h, cpm, etc.


  • Single or multi-detector system
  • Single read out serves multiple detectors
  • Detects beta, gamma, X-Ray- Optional Neutrons
  • Plug in modular system
  • Built in data logger
  • Wall mount case
  • Highly sensitive
  • Local or remote monitoring
  • User settable A / V alarm
  • USB & Ethernet ports
  • Relay control can lock doors, trigger a siren or send alert

Electronics Specifications

  • Engineering Units: User can input correct conversion factor and change to any units.
  • Controls: Front Panel: On-Off, Alarm-mute, Rate, Integrate, Reset.
  • Recessed or Internal: Discriminator level, high voltage. Other adjustable settings: See calibration.
  • Input Sensitivity: Adjustable from less than 1 millivolt to 100 millivolt
  • Anti-saturation and Dead-time Corrections are available.
  • Alarm: 2000 Hz audio tone with audio “mute” switch + RED LIGHT
  • High current relay. 0-100% of full scale.
  • Alarm Set Point: User settable to any point on detector range.
  • Serial Output: Two way USB standard, Ethernet optional.
  • Power: 105-125 volts, 50-60 Hz (220 V optional)
  • Construction: Gasketed aluminum case.


  • 13.5” W X 11” H X 3.6” D (25 cm x 18 cm x 10cm), excluding probe holder, feet, and knobs.
  • 3 pounds (1.4 kg) including batteries and hardware, excluding probe.


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