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Unidos E Universal Dosemeter


UNIDOS® E Universal Dosemeter

Easy to use reference class or field class dosemeter / electrometer for routine dosimetry

  • An economical high quality dosemeter for universal use in radiation therapy and diagnostic radiology
  • Complies with the following standards:
    • IEC 60731 as a field class dosemeter
    • IEC 60731 as a reference class dosemeter (option)
    • IPEM guidelines on dosimetry transfer instruments as a secondary standard dosemeter (option)
    • IEC 61674 as a diagnostic dosemeter
  • High accuracy, excellent resolution (1 fA) and wide dynamic measuring ranges
  • HV power supply (0 ? ± 400) V in increments of ± 50V
  • Measures integrated dose (or charge) and dose rate (or current) simultaneously
  • RS232 interface for device control and data output

The lightweight and compact UNIDOS E is an easy to use dosemeter, mainly used for daily routine dosimetry in radiation therapy. Ion chambers and solid-state detectors can be connected. A chamber library makes it possible to store calibration data. Air density corrections are done by keying in air pressure and temperature. UNIDOS E displays the measured values of dose and dose rate in Gy, R, Gy/min, R/min or Gy·m. The electrical values charge and current are measured in C and A. The large, high-contrast LC display is easy to read. The device includes automatic leakage compensation and an RS232 interface. The high voltage between the ion chamber electrodes is checked automatically. 
UNIDOS E features both mains and battery operation.


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