UltraiQ - Automated Ultrasound QA


Automated ultrasound quality assurance in 5 minutes - Let UltraIQ do the work

Please see below for a video demonstration of UltraiQ


UltraiQ supports the importing of DICOM, BMP and JPEG images. These images can be imported from a local hard disk, a network location, a USB stick or a frame grabber can be used. Alternatively, UltraiQ can receive DICOM images forwarded to UltraiQ by PACS. In case of a DICOM image, the metadata of the file is used to collect data about the used ultrasound device, transducer and image calibration.


UltraiQ has the ability to measure the following parameters:

  • Element drop-out 
  • Sensitivity (SNR) 
  • Post processing 
  • Dynamic range
  • Axial resolution 
  • Lateral resolution 
  • Calliper accuracy 
  • Penetration depth


The found measurement values can be saved in a report. Reports are completely customizable. A report contains just the information you need. After adding a second measurement to your initial measurement, a trend analysis graph will be displayed. This means that you can easily to trace the change in performance of your ultrasound machine over time. These graphs will be automatically updated once you export a new measurement using the Excel export function of UltraiQ.

Exporting Reports:

A report can be printed or exported as either a PDF or an Excel file. This way, your measurements can be archived in your administration. All reports that are generated are also automatically saved locally, which enables you to view them again later.


The intuitive user interface offers new users a hand to hold when doing measurements. When comparing automated ultrasound QA with manual QA, automated measurements require much less time to complete. A full measurement in UltraiQ takes just 5 minutes. Marking the checkbox in front of a pre-defined measurement protocol gives command to perform a measurement. The administrative details of your ultrasound equipment can be imported automatically, thus there is virtually no administrative work involved!

UltraiQ Phantom Set:

The UlratiQ Phantom set is the only phantom set you will ever need.  Both phantoms are designed to work with both high and low frequency transducers (2.25 - 15 MHz).  Their design is optimized for fully automatic measurements in UltraiQ.  The number of images needed for a full image quality analysis is reduced from 3-4 images on conventional phantoms, to just one image per phantom using the UltraiQ set.

Broad Phantom Support:

UltraiQ supports the 12 most common 2D ultrasound QA phantoms:

  • ATS (539, 549, 550 and 570)
  • CIRS (040, 040GSE and 054GS)
  • Gammex (403, 403GS, 404GS and 405GSX)

Phantoms that are not natively supported can be added manually. In principle, this is possible for any ultrasound phantom. The possibility to add new phantoms is a standard feature of UltraiQ.

Accurate Measurements performed with UltraiQ are much more accurate than manual measurements. The human eye is not perfect, which causes manual measurements to be inaccurate. UltraiQ always measures the input image in the same way. A repeated measurement on one image using UltraiQ will always show the same output.


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