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Tomographic Test Tool

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Product Description


The Gammex 132 Tomographic Test Tool is designed to test the imaging capabilities of the tomographic X-ray system

Used in conjunction with other Gammex test instruments for measuring radiation output (i.e., kV meters, dosimeters, timers) a complete test of the tomographic x-ray system can be performed.

Features of the Gammex 132:

  • Determine the location of the cut plane
  • Determine the thickness of the cut
  • Test the overall resolution in the cut plane
  • Test the x-ray exposure uniformity
  • Determine the path of the beam during exposure, for both linear and multi-directional units


  • Construction - Six 9 cm Acrylic Discs
  • (1) Resolution Disc
  • (1) Position/Thickness Disc
  • (1) Uniformity/Beam Path Disc
  • (3) Acrylic Spacers 1, 2 and 4 cm
  • Size - 10x9 cm diameter (4x3.5 in diameter)
  • Weight-0.9 kg (2 lbs)


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