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  • AC Joint Imaging Sandbags with Wrist Straps
    AC Joint Imaging Sandbags with Wrist Straps
    Sandbags for AC Joint Imaging Acromoclavicular Imaging requires the use of two 10 lb sandbags that have straps that can attach to the wrist and not held in the hands. This tends to make the shoulder muscles relax thus...
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  • Cervical Sandbags
    Cervical Sandbags
    We recognize that you need optimal weights to get a correct lateral C-spine image. That’s why our cervical sandbags are available in both 5, 10, and now 20 lb weights. We also know that sandbags are used for...
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  • Compression Sand Bag Set
    Compression Sand Bag Set
    New Compression Sandbag Set Compression sandbag kit includes: Two 7 lb sandbags that are 6” x 14” in size and a denier compression band that is 10” wide x 36” long with easy on/off metal hooks to...
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  • MRI Safe Sandbags
    MRI Safe Sandbags
    Our NEW MRI SandBag Positioners are completely MRI Safe! Made from materials that is nonmetallic and non-conductive. Accordingly, these products can be appropriately labeled as MR SAFE according to ASTM...
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  • Sandbags - Individual and Sets
    Sandbags - Individual and Sets
    Individual Sandbag Features: All Sandbags are filled with sand and are ready to use Heat sealed inner sleeve prevents the leaking of sand All seams are sewn and tear resistant Outer cover is heavy gauge, reinforced...
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  • Sandsocks
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