SAFESCAN® Single Pillar Ferromagnetic Detection System


ETS-Lindgren’s Single Pillar System is ideal as a pre-screen for those entering an MRI area. Providing automated screening, these systems have both audio and visual indicators and will alert your staff to any potential problems without intrusive false alarms.

Single Pillar Systems are designed to easily install into any new or existing MRI suite. These units are wall mounted as standard or can be ordered with an optional floor stand. SAFESCAN Single Pillars can be located in whatever locations best meet your operational needs, including either side of an MRI door, left- or right-handed, in- or out-swing. All SAFESCAN pillars utilize existing electrical connections; no hardwiring or special electrical wiring is required, reducing both the time and costs associated with installation.

Key Features:

  • Pre-Screen Solution
  • Automated Scanning
  • Wall Mounted or Optional Floor Stand Available
  • Sensitive Ferromagnetic Detection Circuitry Reduces False Alarms
  • Ferromagnetic Alarm Function Activated on Interruption of Beam
  • Adjustable Sensitivity to Tailor to Your Detection Needs
  • Patented Gradiometers Further Reduce “Nuisance” Alarms
  • Distracting Flashing Lights and Audio Alerts are Reduced
  • Conforms to ACR, Joint Commission and VA Best Practices Documents
  • Product and Siting Recommendations from Expert ETS-Lindgren Personnel
  • Installed by Factory Trained Technicians
  • On-site Training



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