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RTI extended warranty details

Get the Best Warranty in the Market - 10 Years



The RTI conditional Extended Warranty Program for Piranha and Cobia gives you up to 10-year warranty.  Each product comes with a 24 month factory warranty. By joining the RTI Extended Warranty Program you will have the opportunity to increase your warranty 2 years at a time – up to 10 years.

 Simply do this:
  1. Purchase the Piranha, Barracuda or Cobia and get the first 24 months warranty period.
  2. Calibrate your instrument within 24 months interval at an RTI calibration laboratory.
  3. For an extra 20% of the total calibration cost you will have the opportunity to sign up for two more years of warranty.
  4. Continue to calibrate with the optional warranty extension every 24 months and you will get up to maximum 10 years of warranty.

2-year Calibration Cycle

Before buying a tool, don’t forget to do the life cycle cost calculation. RTI Electronics products has such a high measurement performance that the recommended calibration interval is as long as 24 months. This, together with the extended warranty program reassures you to trust your instrument and gives a low lifetime cost for you.


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