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Roos Electron Chamber


Roos® Electron Chamber

Precision plane parallel chamber for absolute dosimetry of high-energy electron radiation in water and solid state phantoms

  • Vented sensitive volume of 0.35 cm3
  • Reference chamber for precise absolute electron dosimetry
  • Perturbation-free design and minimal polarity effect
  • Suitable for use in water and in solid state phantoms

The Roos electron chamber1 is used as a reference electron chamber. It is recommended by the IAEA2 for high precision electron dosimetry in radiation therapy. The chamber has a 4 mm wide guard ring to exclude any perturbation effect even at low electron energies. The polarity effect is negligible (< 0.5 % at 10 MeV). The energy response is only influenced by the stopping power ratios water / air. The chamber is waterproof for absolute dose and depth dose measurements in a water phantom. The coated acrylic entrance window has a thickness of 1.1 mm. The nominal useful energy range is from 2 MeV to 45 MeV. A calibration certificate with a 60Co calibration factor given in absorbed dose to water is included. Air density correction is required for each measurement. A radioactive check device with adapter is available as an option. The chamber cable length is 1.08 m.

The Roos electron chamber was developed in cooperation with Dr. Roos, PTB-Braunschweig, German Federal Institute of Physics and Metrology (National Laboratory of Germany)
2 Technical Report No. TRS-381. The Use of Plane Parallel Ionization Chambers in High Energy Electron and Photon Beams, IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency), Vienna 1997


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