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Quality Assurance

  • ACR MRI Phantom
    ACR MRI Phantom
    The ACR-MRI Phantom is an 8" (203.2 mm) diameter cylinder, 6.82" (173.40 mm) tall with various fixtures inside, including a grid, cylinders and other points of interest.  Marked with reference points for nose...
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  • Large Field MRI Distortion Phantom
    Large Field MRI Distortion Phantom
    Assess Image Distortion in Whole Body MRI The Large Field MRI Distortion Phantom is designed for assessment of image distortion in whole body MRI for Diagnostic and RT treatment planning. The phantom’s large size and...
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  • MagIQ & MagIQ Duo
    MagIQ & MagIQ Duo
    The MagIQ MRI phantom is an image quality phantom for Magnetic Resonance Imaging(MRI) comprising a single chamber (MagIQ) or two identical chambers (MagIQ Duo) which may be filled with different solutions to create two test...
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  • MRI 3D Geometry Phantom
    MRI 3D Geometry Phantom
    3D Geometry Phantom™ Main Features: * „The phantom can be utilized to evaluate linearity and FOV accuracy in three dimensions. * Leak-proof design allows filling of desired background material  „* High...
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  • MRI Distortion Phantom for SRS
    MRI Distortion Phantom for SRS
    For Assessment of Image Distortion in Treatment Planning Systems CIRS Model 603A was designed for assessment of MR image distortion in Stereotactic Radiosurgery Planning.  It is also a useful tool for verifying...
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  • MRI-Compatible Dynamic Phantom
    MRI-Compatible Dynamic Phantom
    Image Acquisition, Treatment Planning, Dose Delivery The CIRS MRI-LINAC Dynamic Phantom is designed for end-to-end commissioning, machine QA for hybrid MRI-LINAC Radiation Therapy systems, and verification of gated and...
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