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Quality Assurance

  • CT ACR 464 Phantom
    CT ACR 464 Phantom
    Leverage a sophisticated design to comply with guidelines, and more The only phantom needed to meet American College of Radiology (ACR) accreditation guidelines Versatility permits checking of multiple parameters,...
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  • CT Dose Index Phantom
  • CT Sim+ Moveable Lasers™
    CT Sim+ Moveable Lasers™
    CT SIM+™ with RapidSIM™ - Ensure accurate patient marking with a simplified approach that fits your workflow. Moveable Lasers for CT Next-generation design from the laser alignment...
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  • Daily Laser and Light Field Plate
    Daily Laser and Light Field Plate
    This tool is designed to provide a quick daily check of the accuracy of the lasers and any wander that may occur within the collimator rotation.  The plate includes hand guides for assisting in the alignment...
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  • NEW! Multi-Lesion Brain QA Phantom
    NEW! Multi-Lesion Brain QA Phantom
      The SRS Multi-Lesion Brain QA Phantom, Model 037, provides a unique solution for fast, comprehensive film dosimetry for single isocenter plans treating multiple targets simultaneously. The phantom may be used for...
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  • CT Perfusion Phantom
    CT Perfusion Phantom
    Gain greater confidence in your perfusion studies An easy-to-use contrast simulation tool Help ensure your CT scanner and perfusion software are providing consistent results Generate precise time-attenuation curves...
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  • CT Electron Density Phantom
    CT Electron Density Phantom
    Create CT-to-density tables with ease for TPS commissioning. Cover a wide range of electron density values Help ensure accurate calculations of dose distributions The American Association of Physicists in Medicine1...
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  • Dual Energy CT Phantom
    Dual Energy CT Phantom
    Product Overview The Gammex Dual Energy CT Phantom provides users with the ability to perform Quality Assurance for Dual Energy CT analysis of Iodine and Calcium. The Phantom consists of a Solid Water disk...
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