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Puresound II - MR Audio Relaxation System


Easy to Install - Simple to Operate - Reliable Performance

Puresound II is compact, simple to use and offers the same reliability of performance our customers have experienced with the original version.

General Features:

  • Compact control/amplifier unit eases congestion in control room
  • Lighter weight unit, easily stackable
  • Power on LED indication
  • All inputs and outputs at rear of control/amplifier
  • Separate and smoothe to operate volume controls for patient headphones and microphone, with easy to understand symbols
  • Comprehensive installation and operating instructions
  • Remote paging microphone with soft button operation and 2m cable
  • Jack lead for MP3 and ipod input
  • Output for active external speakers (optional)
  • Energy efficient using modern electronic circuitry
  • Multi-voltage system 110-230v 50/60hz
  • Easily integrated with Relax and View Video package to provide even more enhanced comfort and relaxation

Key Benefits:

  • Same connections used with MK-1 - the Acoustic convertor and microphone will be interchangeable with both models resulting in reduced parts holding and faster service replacement
  • New and improved earphone sets, also interchangeable and suitable for use in conjunction with the latest generation of head coils
  • Option of music inputs between DVD, ipod and MP3
  • Stand alone installation means system is suitable for use with ALL models of MR Scanners
  • Multi voltage features means system is ready for use in ALL markets without electrical modification

The system hardware is warrantied free from material defect and faulty workmanship for 12 months from date of installation, or fifteen months from date of shipment, whichever occurs first. 

Wardray Premise are a global market leader in MR technology, providing solutions for patient safety, comfort, care and relaxation.




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