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Plastic & Fitover Frames

  • Fitover Radiation Glasses
    Fitover Radiation Glasses
    The Phillips Fitover is a comfortable, lightweight, and durable black rubberized nylon frame that is designed to fit over prescription eyewear. These glasses will fit over almost any style of glasses with comfort. Featuring...
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  • Radiation Glasses Model 230
    Radiation Glasses Model 230
    The Model 230 offers women a chance to get away from standard safety frames and move towards a chic look without sacrificing safety or functionality. The 230 has a head-hugging temple design and excellent splash and side...
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  • Radiation Glasses Model 375
    Radiation Glasses Model 375
    The Model 375 offers superior protection in a premium frame. Centered on protection, style, and performance, the frame features a head-hugging temple design with excellent splash and side protection as well as a designer...
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  • Radiation Glasses Model W200
    Radiation Glasses Model W200
    The W200 is a premium protective women’s eyewear frame centered on protection, performance, and a little bit of fun. Excellent splash and side protection, head-hugging temple bars with star decals,...
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