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Pigs & Accessories

  • Pro-Tec™ Pig Rack
    Pro-Tec™ Pig Rack
    Designed for countertop use, the Pro-Tec Pig rack holds up to ten Pro-Tec Pigs safely and conveniently. The bottom of the rack has hexagonal cutouts that match the bottom of a Pro-Tec Pig to ensure each pig is held...
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  • Pro-Tec™ Pig Shipping Bag
    Pro-Tec™ Pig Shipping Bag
    The durable, nylon, waterproof shipping bag is designed to accommodate up to 11 Pro-Tec Pigs containing syringes, ensuring safe, convenient handling of syringes from the pharmacy and back again. The system meets DOT 7A...
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  • Pro-Tec™ Unit Dose Pig
    Pro-Tec™ Unit Dose Pig
    Safety and efficiency – from the pharmacy to the patient... and back! The Pro-Tec Unit Dose Pig accommodates the most commonly used conventional and safety-engineered syringes. The lead components are fully...
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  • Unit Dose Pig Wall Rack
    Unit Dose Pig Wall Rack
     Improve lab safety, efficiency and organization with the new The wall rack improves work space with its pigeonhole design and reduces unnecessary handling. Unit doses can be identified at a glance. The rack's sturdy...
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