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PIGG-O-STAT Pediatric Immobilizer and Positioner - Analog or Digital

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Since 1960, the Pigg-O-Stat has been and continues to be the first choice for pediatricians, doctors, and medical professionals around the globe. The Pigg-O-Stat is an all-in-one pediatric immobilization device designed for positioning infants and young children for an appropriate x-ray without significant complications.

Protecting Personnel from Exposure to Radiation

Child comfort and safety is our number one concern. Since the Pigg-O-Stat does not rely on automated machinery or technology, x-ray technicians and pediatricians have full control over the setup for each infant or child that utilizes Pigg-O-Stat. Unlike other medical exams or procedures that may allow a parent to secure an infant, x-rays are not forgiving for movements. The Pigg-O-Stat safely secures the child and allows the x-ray technician to be brief and efficient while the child remains immobilized.

Safely Immobilize Children for X-Ray

The unfortunate exposure to radiation at a very young age is already a concern for most medical professionals and even more for parents. The Pigg O Stat provides x-ray technicians the best opportunity to capture a great picture on the first attempt. With fewer retakes required, infants receive significantly less exposure to radiation.

Additional Pigg-O-Stat Information & Resources:

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The Pigg-O-Stat Guarantee

The Pigg-O-Stat is guaranteed by its inventing manufacturer, Modern Way Immobilizers. While our 99% approval rate by medical experts proves that our equipment is dependable, durable, and long-lasting, we provide a full one year warranty on defective parts.

To ensure the highest quality of workmanship, all devices are inspected prior to distribution. Even though the parts will withstand significant stress and strain for long durations to perform its purpose, the plexiglass parts are not guaranteed against breakage.

Optional Item: Large Digital Cassette Holder (made to fit your cassette)  for Analog Pigg-O-Stat - Ask us for details!



Product Videos

Pigg O Stat Pediatric Immobilizer and Positioner (00:51)
The Pigg O Stat is the most trusted pediatric immobilizer for pediatricians and x ray technicians worldwide. The Pigg-O-Stat pediatric immobilizer and positioner has been the top choice for quick and accurate chest x-ray imaging for over 50 years. Jalmer Pigg, Sr invented the Pigg-O-Stat, who was an x-ray technician himself, because of the need to increase accuracy for proper diagnoses of infants and young children while also minimizing the risk of exposure to radiation. Since that time, the Pigg O Stat stands alone as the most trusted pediatric restraint device worldwide. Parents and Pediatricians alike realize the potential of harmful exposure to radiation for children of all ages. When your child requires medical attention, it should be completed with the best technology and procedures available in the medical industry. Sometimes, that means simplifying the elements of exposure. Receiving the most efficient and highest quality medical care is even more important when considering harmful effects that radiation can have on the human body, especially at a very young age. The Pigg-O-Stat Pediatric Immobilizer is the answer for medical professionals, and it is trusted worldwide. Known for its distribution in at least forty countries across the world, the Pigg O Stat pediatric immobilizer is an easy-to-use device that immobilizes infants during x-ray examinations. The temporary inconvenience for these infants and young children help prevent excessive exposure that can have a permanent impact on the body. Radiation can cause serious long-term damage to the human body. Find out more information about the health effects associated with increased radiation exposure here: Children rarely want to sit still, especially when they’re in a hospital. This restlessness often creates a dilemma for pediatric x-ray technicians. A restless child is extremely difficult to capture accurate x-ray images from and likely will result in further imaging attempts. With every additional image required, your child is being exposed to unnecessary radiation. Our Pediatric Immobilizer eliminates the need for these unnecessary x-rays by comfortably restraining the child, resulting in fewer and more accurate images being taken. Are you searching for a pediatric immobilization device? Visit Pigg O Stat at for additional information about the world's leading pediatric immobilizer. Did you know that Pigg O Stat also offers a pediatric foot immobilizer? Visit YouTube Channel | Facebook |
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