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  • Gillian QA Phantom
    Gillian QA Phantom
    Evaluate image distortion and alignment in SPECT/CT, PET/CT & MRI   Hybrid scanning systems such as SPECT/CT and PET/CT are increasingly being used to improve tumor identification, treatment delivery and monitor...
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  • Jaszczak SPECT Phantom
    Jaszczak SPECT Phantom
    Main Features: ECT phantoms with protruding flanged top and with 3.2 mm cylinder wall thickness Main Applications: For use with SPECT and PET systems System performance evaluation (collimator, artifacts,...
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  • NEMA PET Scatter Phantomâ„¢
    NEMA PET Scatter Phantomâ„¢
    Main Features of NEMA : The NEMA Scatter Phantom™ is designed in accordance with the recommendations by the National Electrical manufacturers Association (NEMA) to standardize the measurement of count rate...
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  • PET IQ
    PET IQ
    Leeds Test Objects' PET IQ Phantom is a realistic anthropomorphic PMMA vessel, which simulates the trunk of the human body, and complies with standards NEMA-NU2 (2007) and IEC 61675-1 (2008) for quality control of image...
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  • Thyroid Uptake Neck Phantom
    Thyroid Uptake Neck Phantom
    A Must for Every Department Performing Thyroid Uptakes The Neck Phantom is designed to simulate a patient's neck. The phantom is constructed of lucite. It has a two part insert that allows counting from a bottle, vial or...
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