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Personal Radiation Protection

  • Clear-Lead Mobile Nuclear Medicine Barrier
    Clear-Lead Mobile Nuclear Medicine Barrier
    Ideal for use during nuclear medicine procedures, the Clear-Lead™ Mobile Radiation Barrier provides complete protection against patient-emitted radiation. Safe, durable and shatter resistant, the Clear-Lead™...
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  • Lead Glass Goggles
    Lead Glass Goggles
    Designed to reduce radiation exposure to the eyes, these lead glass goggles are framed with soft, pliable vinyl and held on the head securely by an adjustable strap. Vents top and bottom of goggles to help prevent fogging...
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  • Powder-Free Radiation Attenuation Gloves
    Powder-Free Radiation Attenuation Gloves
    Reduced Exposure, Freedom of Movement, Natural Latex Free Powder-Free Radiation Attenuating Gloves provide increased protection from direct x-ray beam and scattered radiation, and reduce harmful radiation exposure during...
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