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Instruments & Accessories

  • Animal Stethoscope Covers
    Animal Stethoscope Covers
    Animal Stethoscope Covers Features: Fun covers made with washable, soft, plush material  Friendly animal design reduces patient anxiety Fits standard stethoscopes  Cover is easy to remove for...
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  • Blood Pressure Kits - Benjamin Bear
    Blood Pressure Kits - Benjamin Bear
    It’s a bear hug for a little arm! Our Pedia Pals blood pressure kit comes fully assembled in its own embroidered double-handle carrying bag. It’s 100% latex free and washable with a large VELCRO® strip...
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  • CathWrap
    Designed to improve a patient's day-to-day comfort and care during extended treatment with a catheter for IV medication or feeding tubes. When the patient is not at the hospital significant risks can be reduced by using the...
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  • Child Care Kit
    Child Care Kit
    Popular products you need to take care of your young patients. This kit is included with our Environment Packs Includes: 1 - Child Blood Pressure Kit 1 - Infant Blood Pressure Kit 1 - Dino T-Flex Reflex Hammer 1 -...
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  • ClinKit Starter Kit
    ClinKit Starter Kit
    A collection of our most popular products at exceptional savings.  Kit parcked in a PediaPals Bag Included: 1 - Child Blood Pressure Kit  1 - Infant Blood Pressure Kit 1 - Jamal T-Flex Reflex Hammer 1 -...
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  • Elephant Ear/Nasal Syringe
    Elephant Ear/Nasal Syringe
    “Elly” Elephant Ear/Nasal Syringe Features: • Soft rounded tip for child’s comfort• More fun than typical syringes - puts children at ease• Same recovery time as typical syringes•...
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  • Head Circumference Measuring Tape
    Head Circumference Measuring Tape
    This durable 24” tape includes both inches and centimeters & features a chart for recording exam results. Parents can take it home. Features: Non-stretch, durable material 3 slot openings for...
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  • Otoscope Attachment - Elly Elephant
    Otoscope Attachment - Elly Elephant
    Elly the Elephant fits right onto your otoscope, turning it into a non-threatening Pal who’s always ready to whisper in a little patient’s ear.  Features: Attaches to most common Otoscope...
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  • Pediatric Stirrups
    Pediatric Stirrups
    Features: Available on all ZooPals standard tables (DT Models Only) Stainless steel plated  Locking screws Stirrups slide easily into back of exam table  Specifications: 8"x 5 3/4” extends up to...
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  • Reflex Hammers
    Reflex Hammers
    A precision-balanced medical device, our reflex hammer features a handy pocket clip.  It’s a favorite among kids and doctors!  Available as Jamaal the Giraffe or T-Flex the Dinosaur. Features: Easily...
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  • Retractamals for ID Badge
    Retractamals for ID Badge
    For quick card access without removing your I.D. or security badge. Specifications: 7 fun animal designs (elephant, chimp, dog, dalmation, cat, panda) Universal Alligator clip Securely holds ID badges and keys Durable...
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  • Stethoscope I.D Tags
    Stethoscope I.D Tags
    Put one of our friendly I.D. tags on your stethoscope, and never lose another one! Features: Several fun animal designs (elephant, giraffe, chimp, Mouse) Easily fits around the tubing of any stethoscope Includes...
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