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Patient Platforms

  • 1 Step Platform
    1 Step Platform
    A More Portable Size for Mobile Diagnostic Services from Clear Image Devices Enhance your DR and CR X-ray equipment's ability to get clear and well-defined weight-bearing X-rays with our unique 1-Step Platform. Your...
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  • 2 Step Platform
    2 Step Platform
    Increase your diagnostic accuracy with our 2-Step Platform for weight-bearing radiographic imaging. Our radiographic imaging platform allows you to easily capture the high quality knee X-rays, foot X-rays, and ankle X-rays...
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  • 3 Step Platform
    3 Step Platform
    This unique 3-step platform from Clear Image Devices allows for more positioning options. Getting your patients into the best X-ray position possible, without compromising their comfort, requires investing in positioning...
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  • Extra Wide 2-Step Platform
    Extra Wide 2-Step Platform
    The unique design of this Extra-Wide 2-Step Platform from Clear Image Devices gives added space for patients who need it. Achieve optimal positioning and easy capture of weight-bearing X-ray images. This positioning...
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  • Multiview Positioning Platform
    Multiview Positioning Platform
    Created in collaboration with a leading medical imaging facility, the innovative Multiview Positioning Platform obtains multiple weight-bearing A/P and anatomical views in minutes. Eliminating considerable patient movement...
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  • Step Platform For U-Arm Systems
    Step Platform For U-Arm Systems
    U-Arm Step Radiographic Positioner The design of the 2-Step Platform for U-Arm radiography permits patients to be positioned over a variety of U-Arm and fixed bucky digital radiography systems, including those made by...
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