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Patient Platforms

  • 1 Step Platform
    1 Step Platform
    A More Portable Size for Mobile Diagnostic Services from Clear Image Devices Enhance your DR and CR X-ray equipment's ability to get clear and well-defined weight-bearing X-rays with our unique 1-Step Platform. Your...
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  • 2 Step Platform
    2 Step Platform
    Increase your diagnostic accuracy with our 2-Step Platform for weight-bearing radiographic imaging. Our radiographic imaging platform allows you to easily capture the high quality knee X-rays, foot X-rays, and ankle X-rays...
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  • 2 Step Platform - digital DR Panels, CR cassettes, and Analog
    2 Step Platform - digital DR Panels, CR cassettes, and Analog
    This weight bearing 2 Step Platform is designed to accommodate digital DR Panels, CR cassettes, and Analog. This product is designed for easy mobility plus stability while allowing for easy weight bearing imaging on the...
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  • 3 Step Platform
    3 Step Platform
    This unique 3-step platform from Clear Image Devices allows for more positioning options. Getting your patients into the best X-ray position possible, without compromising their comfort, requires investing in positioning...
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  • Extra Wide 2-Step Platform
    Extra Wide 2-Step Platform
    The unique design of this Extra-Wide 2-Step Platform from Clear Image Devices gives added space for patients who need it. Achieve optimal positioning and easy capture of weight-bearing X-ray images. This positioning...
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  • Multiview Positioning Platform
    Multiview Positioning Platform
    Created in collaboration with a leading medical imaging facility, the innovative Multiview Positioning Platform obtains multiple weight-bearing A/P and anatomical views in minutes. Eliminating considerable patient movement...
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  • Step Platform For U-Arm Systems
    Step Platform For U-Arm Systems
    U-Arm Step Radiographic Positioner The design of the 2-Step Platform for U-Arm radiography permits patients to be positioned over a variety of U-Arm and fixed bucky digital radiography systems, including those made by...
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