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Patient Handling

  • NEW! Arm Holder for PET/CT
    NEW! Arm Holder for PET/CT
    Don't be up in arms, use Arms Up instead! NEW! "Arms Up"  is a convenient arm immobilization device for CT patients. Features: 40 degree tilting bar accommodates different gantries and exams Removable ergonomic...
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  • Patient Immobilizer Strap
    Patient Immobilizer Strap
    Comfortably secures patient and eliminates motion. Helps prevent falls without limiting respiration or circulation. Ideal for MRI, CT, and Radiology dept. Strap is heavy gauge reinforced vinyl. Available in several...
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  • Standard Table Pads
    Standard Table Pads
    Table Pads can be used for imaging tables or stretchers. Fabricated for durability and longevity. Helps maintain complete control of the patient by providing the extra comfort needed. Affordable for each room and table...
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  • Techno-Tuff Table Pads
    Techno-Tuff Table Pads
    Constructed of durable mesh laminate reinforced vinyl. 72” x 23” x 1” pad is radiolucent. Handles allow patients to be easily moved from stretcher to table. Low-friction, water proof, stain proof, and...
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