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Patient Exam

  • Disposable Pillow Cases
    Disposable Pillow Cases
    Features: Soft and water resistant 2-ply tissue/poly Size: 21" x 30" Color: BLUE 100 cases per...
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  • Disposable Stretcher Sheets
    Disposable Stretcher Sheets
    Features: Soft and water resistant 2-ply tissue/poly Size: 40" x 90" Color: WHITE/BLUE 50 sheets per...
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  • Locking Medical Cart
    Locking Medical Cart
    This colorful medical cart is sure to brighten any room. The top has a 2” lip to prevent items from falling off. One key locks all 4 drawers for speedy access. The drawers fully extend and can hold 100 lbs of supplies...
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  • Pediatric Medical Scale & Table
    Pediatric Medical Scale & Table
    Pediatric medical scale works well as a changing table as well as an exam table. The pad is a full 2" thick for maximum comfort. The scale can be locked in kilo's or pounds and will weigh from 0 to 40 lbs with 1 oz...
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  • Pediatric Step Stools
    Pediatric Step Stools
    Heavy laminate construction with nonskid tread. Features: 250 lbs weight capacity 20" L x 16" W x 7" tall Available Themes: Space Alien graphic on both long sides of blue stool. 250 lbs weight capacity Dalmatian...
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  • Ultrasound Disposable Pillow
    Ultrasound Disposable Pillow
    The versatile FlexAir® Pillow is an easy-to-use, cost-effective pillow. Made of Non-woven Poly. The space-saving design stores flat and inflates in seconds for immediate use. An adjustable valve allows easy...
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