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Ocean™ software for X-ray QA


Ocean, the market-leading software for X-ray QA, addresses customer needs all the way from easy-to-use Ocean Quick Check for daily checks, to advanced QA with workflow, automation, and traceability in Ocean Professional.

The importance of dedicated software applications to conduct professional QA is growing. Excel is flexible but simply not enough to meet the increasing demands for traceability, compliance, and efficiency.

Independently, if you want a swift, easy-to-use application for routine controls, or a customized application with workflow, automatic tests, and traceability, the Ocean software suite provides you with both options.

Ocean can run on both computers and tablets, thus you can choose the display you want. If you still want to make very simple checks only with no need for data management, we recommend our Cobia platform with a built-in display.

Quick Check: Swift, daily QA

Ocean Quick Check lets you start measuring within seconds. The application detects what instrument and probes you have connected to assist you in the best way possible – just “Plug n Play”. The interface adapts and all the measured parameters are displayed on one screen. The results and waveforms can be retained in the database for later review and compiled in a report.

Ocean Professional: Advanced QA for superior efficiency and compliance

Ocean Professional is a very powerful application for customized and advanced analysis of X-ray QA. To become really efficient, but also to assure compliance and traceability, you simply implement your QA process in Ocean.

Using the powerful Ocean “templates” feature, you can build your QA exactly the way you want it, e.g., predefined workflows, automation of steps, graphs, trend analysis, etc., all with full traceability. The report can be customized with your own logo and own layout. Comments and pictures can be added. The reports will look uniform and professional.

Ocean Central

Ocean Central is an on-premise (or cloud-based) add-on solution for Ocean Professional. Ocean Central helps you to assure all team members use the right QA protocol and store measurements centrally. You can easily overview the workload in the QA team and let team members collaborate. Ocean Central was first released in 2012.

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