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New! Electronic X-Ray Ruler

  • New!  Electronic X-Ray Ruler
  • New!  Electronic X-Ray Ruler
  • New!  Electronic X-Ray Ruler
  • New!  Electronic X-Ray Ruler
  • New!  Electronic X-Ray Ruler


QUART Nonius - X-Ray Field & Fan X-Ray Beam Measurement

The QUART nonius is an easy-to-use but very sophisticated measuring instrument to verify size and quality of x-ray fields. It can also be used to analyse the properties of fanned x-ray beams.

The digitisation in x-ray technology makes traditional film/screens less available. Originally, they were used for checks on x-ray beam properties. Today, the QUART nonius performs the same task. And, it provides even more substantial features.
The QUART nonius can be used to verify if the light visor matches the actual x-ray field. In addition, the nonius provides the option to assess the position and width as well as the dose profile of fanned x-ray beams.

The QUART nonius is technically highly flexible: it can be used in digital as well as conventional x-ray technology. In any case, its precision is an absolute strong point – as it goes down to the nonius (0.1mm).

Mode of Operation

Operating the QUART nonius is easy and straight forward:
_ Connect the device via USB to a Laptop or Tablet PC.
_ Position the head unit at the respective position.
_ Use light fi eld or a reference point for positioning.
_ Trigger the QA/QC exposure.
_ Evaluate the results.

Data is transferred to the PC in real time where the result is displayed and visualised. All results are automatically saved and can be loaded into the software at a later point of time for evaluation purposes. The software also provides a protocol function including hardcopy print-out.

The QUART nonius is equipped with a USB cable and comes with associated software in a compact carrying case. It can be hooked up to any Laptop or Tablet PC with Windows OS.  To position the device fast and reliably (also in vertical position), the optional QUART bridge holder is available.


  • QUART nonius electronic ruler
  • QUART nonius Software (Windows 7, Vista, XP / English + German)
  • USB cable (2.5 m)
  • User Guide
  • Transport Case
  • Optional: QUART bridge Universal Holder 









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