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Neonatal Chest Phantom

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Product Description

Product Overview 

The Gammex 610 Neonatal Chest Phantom is designed for routine quality assurance monitoring of computed and digital radiography systems. 

The phantom replicates both the anatomic structure and the tissue attenuation characteristics of a real neonate.  The 610 phantom can be imaged using clinical protocols, requiring in a test of the entire imaging chain, including image processing parameters.

The phantomis the first anthropomorphic ne3onatal phantom that adequately represents a 1 2 Kg neonate in its transmission characteristics, histogram, physical size and structure. 


  • Accurate representation of neonate in transmission characteristics.
  • Interchangeable lung insert pieces that permit imaging examination of pneumothorax and hyaline membrane conditions
  • Compact size
  • Composed of Solid Water®material
  • Light weight custom carrying case


  • Specially suited as a tool for establishing the lowest possible exposure level that still maintains diagnostic image quality
  • Answers recognized need by both international and national standards groups such as IPEM and AAPM for a comprehensive quality assurance program for neonates for computed and digital radiography addressing patient exposure and image quality.
  • Easy and effective to monitor "dose creep".
  • Monitor system ability to image both normal and diseased, abnormal tissue. 


Certification and Warranty

  • The phantom comes with a 1 year warranty.
  • Extended warranty plans can be purchased


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