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Multi-Energy CT Phantom, Standard Kit

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Product Description

In collaboration with The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Gammex has developed a phantom to ensure the performance and consistency of your multi-energy scans.

• Features 18 solid inserts representing different dimensions and concentrations of iodine, calcium, blood, and other materials of particular interest to multi-energy CT
• Enables comprehensive tests of Multi-Energy CT performance

Multi-Energy CT scanners have enabled improved clinical differentiations, such as distinguishing blood from calcification and calcification from iodinated contrast1,2. They can also create virtual mono-energetic images for clinical evaluation. However, the ability to achieve these benefits can greatly depend not only on one’s equipment, but also on the protocols used.

The Multi-Energy CT Phantom will enable robust evaluation of scanner performance.

• Test material discrimination using solid rods representing iodine, calcium, blood, adipose, and more

• Ensure the efficacy of clinical protocols for multienergy analysis

• Verify the quantitative accuracy of multi-energy scans

• Compare the consistency and stability across different scanners

• Check for artifacts in an extended field-of-view

Ensure the accuracy you need

Accuracy can vary based upon scanner hardware, the dual energy post-processing, and the mAs used. Without an appropriate phantom, neither scanner accuracy nor variability are well known. Use of the calibrated high-Z inserts enables such quantification. Additionally, protocols that appropriately balance patient dose with system performance can be identified.


Enhance confidence in your virtual mono-energetic images

Monochromatic HU numbers have been shown to vary between scanners.3 Moreover, the performance of multi-energy algorithms can be compromised by insufficient mAs. By utilizing a tissue-mimicking material that replicates expected HU dependencies from 40-200 keV, the Multi-Energy CT Phantom lets you quantify these effects and define effective operating parameters.


Evaluate an extended field-of-view

The ACR Quality Control Manual recommends checking for artifacts in a larger phantom on a weekly or monthly basis. The 40 cm extended field size of the Multi-Energy CT phantom enables this artifact check to be performed concurrently with other evaluations, efficiently fitting into your workflow.




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