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Medical Display Calibration Software Kit

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Product Description

This complete Medical Display Calibration Software Kit includes SpectraCal CalMED+ Medical Display Calibration Software & SpectraCal C6 Colorimeter

CalMED+ is the medical display calibration software that allows you to get the most accurate image possible on all of your grayscale and color workstations, including diagnostic, clinical, and modality capture displays.

CalMED+ breaks new ground in medical workstation calibration; it is easier to use than previous medical calibration software, helping medical professionals achieve new levels of accuracy with far less work and training.

Built around a flexible and highly configurable step-by-step workflow process, CalMED+ allows users to achieve consistent image quality and conform to standards more easily than ever before.


  • Easy to use, workflow-guided QC tests, conformance tests, and display calibration make medical display image quality management simpler and faster than ever before.
  • Get the most accurate images possible on all your grayscale and color imaging workstations, including diagnostic, clinical, and modality capture monitors.
  • Achieve consistent image quality on all primary and secondary imaging workstation displays.
  • Avoid incorrect diagnosis due to imaging workstation non-conformance!
  • Supports all new colorimeters calibrated for LCD displays with LED backlight, and many other light and color meters available in the industry.

We can send you our complete demo kit including SpectraCal C6 Colorimeter and Calmed+ software for 10 day evaluation

Click Here  for CalMed+ brochure.


SpectraCal C6 Colorimeter

Now Supports OLED - NEW* Looking for a color analyzer that leads in measurement speed, dark level readings, and overall accuracy? After two years of research and development , the SpectraCal C6 is at last ready for its debut. Built with speed, ease of use, and accuracy,  the C6 packs in an incredible amount of features into a compact tripod mountable package.  

All C6 Analyzers include a SpectraCal exclusive NIST calibration certificate.  

OLED, LED Backlit LCD (RGB and White LED), LCD(CCFL), Plasma, CRT, Front projector (CRT, UHP, White LED, RGB LED, Sync UHP), Rear Projection(CRT, UHP)  



  • Up to 5x faster than retail models  
  • Superb performance at low light levels
  • dditional display support for greater accuracy  
  • NIST Certificate - only device on the market with this document  
  • Included protective case and tripod extension  
  • Field upgradeable

Included with the C6 is everything you need, a ruggedized carrying case, tripod extension, diffuser, and NIST certificate from the SpectraCal Lab in Seattle, Washington.  


Customer Testimonial

"Got to try out the C6 last night with my JVC RS40 and a Lumagen Radiance XE. Worked great! Very fast with low light readings and I saw amazing consistency with the readings down low." - Kris Deering





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