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Low Contrast Resolution Test Tool

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Low Contrast Resolution Test Tool Kit provides the test tools needed to comply with these requirements.  Low contrast performance in fluoroscopic units is crucial in making the right diagnosis in patients. 

Gammex has supplied the 151 Low contrast Resolution Test Tool to assure that your fluoroscopic system is working at maximum efficiency.  Besides its elegant design, what sets the Gammex 151 apart from others is its ability to measure the automatic brightness stabilizer, maximum entrance exposure rate at the table top, and the phototimer performance of the spot film device. 

Because of its ease of use and flexible design, our Low Contrast Resolution Test Tool can achieve accurate low contrast readings within the 2% range.  By using the Gammex 151 in conjunction with our High Contrast Resolution Test Tool (Model 141 and 141H) you can insure that your fluoroscopic system is working at optimal efficiency and effectiveness. 

The components of the Gammex 151 Kit can also be used to test aspects of the performance of digital and analog spot-film devices, radiographic automatic exposure control functions, as well as digital angiography and digital cine-angiography.


  • Construction - Two Aluminum Blocks,  (1) Lead Blocker, (1) Aluminum Resolution Plate
  • Dimensions -18x18x4.5 cm (7x7x1.8 in)
  • Weight- 4 kg (8.8 lbs)

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