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Leeds X-ray Test Patterns

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Product Description

X-ray Test Patterns for Measuring Resolution

The choice of pattern depends on the specific application. The sector test patterns are 0.4 degree and the group test patterns have varying numbers of line pair groups. Lead thicknesses are limited by the resolution, with a maximum thickness of 0.1mm for test patterns up to 5 LP/mm. Radiopaque numbers indicate the resolution (in LP/mm) of each group.

Star X-ray Test Patterns for Measuring Focal Spot Size

Focal spot size can be determined by observing the regions of blurring which occur when the pattern is radiographed by an x-ray source of finite dimensions. Radiation from different areas of the focal spot will cause a periodic blurring of the pattern due to penumbra effects. Knowledge of geometric factors, and the distance from the center of the pattern to the region where blurring occurs, will permit the calculation of the focal spot size with the same accuracy as measurements made with a pinhole camera.


Below are the types of x-ray test patterns available.

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