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Lead Bricks

  • Interlocking Lead Brick Caves
    Interlocking Lead Brick Caves
    Design your own enclosure or select from these most popular 3-walled caves. The optional Lead Brick Caves fit neatly in the sides of the vertical section to provide lateral shielding around the perimeter of the L-Block's...
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  • Interlocking Lead Bricks
    Interlocking Lead Bricks
    Interlocking Lead Bricks make it easy to erect, modify and relocate protective walls and caves of any size. Their V-shaped edges (A) eliminate the danger of leakage, common to all straight-edged bricks. Interlocking Lead...
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  • Rectangular Lead Brick
    Rectangular Lead Brick
    Lead Bricks are a convenient solution to temporary or permanent shielding/storage situations. Easy to stack, unstack and relocate, lead bricks provide maximum protection wherever needed. Produced from the highest quality...
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