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Large Field MRI Distortion Phantom

  • Large Field MRI Distortion Phantom
  • Large Field MRI Distortion Phantom
  • Large Field MRI Distortion Phantom


Assess MR image distortion in large bore MRI

The Large Field MRI Distortion Phantom, Model 604 is designed for assessment of magnetic resonance imaging distortion. The phantom’s large volume 3D grid with equal spacing in all three orthogonal dimensions makes it suitable for whole body MR distortion QA. The phantom can be filled with various signal-generating solutions. When empty, the grid-air interface provides good contrast under CT. The phantom images well with all CT techniques and MRI sequences tested to date, including T1 weighted, T2 weighted, 3D Time of Flight, MPRAGE and CISS sequences.

The phantom is comprised of a leak-proof PMMA cylinder and measures 330 mm in diameter by 300 mm long. The entire volume is filled with a unique orthogonal 3D grid of 3 mm diameter rods spaced 20 mm apart to provide complete geometric data throughout the imaging volume. The phantom is marked for ease of alignment to positioning lasers and is designed for use with both curved and flat gantry tables.

Patient induced magnetic inhomogeneity occurs when a patient is placed in the scanner due to magnetic susceptibility, which causes the tendency of a material to magnetize in the presence of a magnetic field. Regions of abrupt change in tissue density or voids between tissue and air are prone to high magnetic susceptibility which disturbs the magnetic field. Distortions due to susceptibility and smaller distortions due to chemical shifts are better qualified by a phantom that presents such distortions caused throughout the entire field of view (FOV).

Phantoms with MR signals suspended in foam, PMMA or other plastics or phantoms with MR signals only at the phantom’s outer boundaries mainly characterize only B0 and Gradient Inhomogeneity related distortions. Such distortions are typically addressed by manufacturer correction algorithms.

CIRS phantoms are filled entirely with 3D orthogonal girds surrounded by background signal generating liquids to mimic distortions due to susceptibility and chemical shifts that are most likely to occur when a patient is scanned. All the components of distortion are thereby observed in MRI images and taken into account.



  • Works with MRI Distortion Check Software (Coming Soon)
  • Large FOV distortion evaluation
  • Unique orthogonal grid with equal 3D spacing
  • Leak-proof design • Sub-millimeter grid precision
  • Easy integration and laser alignment
  • Ground truth files for grid available in various digital formats
  • 2623 Control Points


  • OVERALL DIMENSIONS 300 mm (L), 276 mm (H) , 330 mm (DIA)
  • WEIGHT (DRY) 17 lb. (7.7 kg)
  • WEIGHT (FILLED) 62 lb. (28.1 kg)


  • 1 large Field MRI Distortion Phantom
  • 3/4" Garden Hose Filling Tube
  • User Guide
  • Foam-Lined Hard Carry Case
  • 48 Month Warranty


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