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Full Field Digital Mammography (FFDM) Phantom

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Product Description

Evaluate artifacts over the entire detector with a single image

102-2244-1.jpgThe Mammo FFDM Phantom is the new, alternative ACR accreditation phantom for quality assurance (QA) in mammography. It was developed in cooperation with Gammex, the innovators behind the Mammo 156™ Phantom—the gold standard QA solution for breast health.


  • Efficiently detect objects from 0.14 to 1.0 mm
  • Reduce backscatter and equalize attenuation
  • Comply with EUREF2, MQSA (FDA) and ACR guidelines
  • Ensure system optimization for Full Field Digital Mammography

Simplify Testing and Save Time 

The Mammo FFDM Phantom is designed to evaluate artifacts over the entire detector with a single image, supporting quick detection of objects from 0.14 to 1.0 mm.*

The Mammo FFDM Phantom was evaluated and accredited by the ACR, and is also referred to as the ACR Digital Mammography Phantom. The Mammo FFDM Phantom simulates radiographic characteristics of compressed breast tissue, including micro-calcifications, ductal fibrous structures and tumor-like masses. Identification of these small structures is essential to the early detection of breast cancer.

Improve Efficiencies for Physics Reviewers

  • Single image provides scores and artifacts for all relevant test results
  • Decrease time at facilities with simplified testing and documentation

Evaluate Image Quality and Detect Artifacts

  • Evaluate artifacts using the same window width (WW) and window level (WL)
  • Equalize attenuation inside and outside the wax insert - Permits evaluation of artifacts over the entire phantom area
  • Maintain accreditation


Wax and acrylic equivalent to 4.2 cm thick compressed breast tissue. 50% adipose and 50% glandular. Permits testing of 3.0 mGy dose limit.


Wax Inserts


 Optional Hard Case for easy and secure storage








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