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Flood Sources

  • C-Thru™  Flood Sources
    C-Thru™ Flood Sources
    C-Thru™ Flood Sources - The Only Transparent Flood Sources C-Thru’s source holder is made of transparent, durable plastic. The radioactive area is clearly visible, enabling the C-Thru source to be easily...
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  • FeatherLite™ Flood Sources
    FeatherLite™ Flood Sources
    FeatherLite™ - The Lightest Flood Source FeatherLite weighs up to 60% less than other rigid flood sources. FeatherLite is even easier to handle, saving strain on your back. FeatherLite is now available for all popular...
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  • Perflexion™ Flood Sources
    Perflexion™ Flood Sources
    Perflexion™ Flood Sources - The Only Flexible Flood Source The Perflexion flood source reduces bulk and weight with its unique flexible design and tungsten composite Wolfguard shield. Construction EZIP’s...
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  • ProKase Flood Shield
    ProKase Flood Shield
    More Mobile, More Stable, More Access The optional ProKase™ Flood Shield for highly portable flood source storage and handling is designed to be more mobile, more stable and much easier to use than typical cases. Its...
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