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Extension Cables & Connectors

  • Extension Cables & Connectors
  • Extension Cables & Connectors


Extension cables

  • Low noise — less than 5 fA leakage
  • Triaxial or coaxial cables
  • Custom lengths & connector configurations

CNMC supplies triaxial and coaxial extension cable assemblies in standard 10-meter or custom lengths, terminated with connectors to fit almost any commercially available electrometer/dosimeter and ion chamber. The CNMC triaxial cable assemblies are made of flexible, white, 3 mm diameter, shielded, low-noise, high-impedance, radiation-resistant cable, designed to carry the extremely small currents generated by ion chambers without signal degradation.

Optionally, CNMC can supply the Suhner Swiss grey, 5.34 mm diameter triaxial cable found on Nuclear Enterprise ion chambers. Extension cable assemblies can be made to custom lengths in 1 meter increments. A true extension cable will have a male connector on one end to mate with the electrometer input and a female connector on the other end to mate with the ion chamber output connector. Other configurations are possible, such as male/male to accommodate the Memorial parallel plate ion chamber, or female/female bulkhead-type connectors for through-the-wall mounting. Additionally, a wide selection of adapters offers virtually unlimited connector arrangements.

The model number for the extension cable assemblies may be assembled according to the example below:


Additional letters may be inserted immediately after the first number for the following options:

R = Reel mounted (specify hub gender)

G = Suhner Swiss grey 5.34 mm cable (default = white Microdot)

* Triaxial TNC (threaded) connectors have a body with an outside thread or a knurled ferrule with inside thread. Either may be fitted with a male pin or a female socket insert. The TNC cable model number has two letters designating each connector. The first letter designates the gender of the center conductor, while the second letter designates the gender of the threaded outer housing (example: 3TMF-FF10).

Triaxial BNC (bayonet) connectors are the 2-slot/lug, 1/4-turn locking type. The male connector has a pin insert and is always accompanied by a ferrule with locking slots. It is available only for cable mounting. The female connector has a socket insert and locking lugs that mate with the ferrule. It is available for cable mounting or panel (bulkhead) mounting, with either flange or threaded mounting.

CNMC cable reel assemblies offer a great convenience in winding and storage of extension cables. A cable reel will extend the life of a cable significantly by eliminating kinks and providing protection during storage. Only as much cable as needed has to be reeled out at any time. A cable reel will accommodate a white extension cable up to 50 meters in length or a grey cable up to 20 meters. Either gender may be specified at the hub, depending on whether the cable reel will be kept at the electrometer (male connector at the hub) or inside the treatment room (female connector at the hub).


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