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Equipment Covers

  • Band & Dome Bags
    Band & Dome Bags
    Our band bags and dome bags are made from high quality polyethylene with latex-safe rubber bands. All bags come in numerous sizes to fit perfectly in your OR.  Band Bags: Range in size from 5″ x 7″ to...
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  • C-Arm Drapes
    C-Arm Drapes
    Full Size C-arm Drapes: Intensifier Section: One option is to drape just the top of the C-arm so that the intensifier is protected.  The drape is made from clear polyethylene and comes with latex-safe rubber bands...
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  • Camera Drapes
    Camera Drapes
    Elasticized Tip Camera Drapes Made of clear polyethylene and telescopically folded. They come with poly straps and double sided tape for gathering. Each drape is individually packaged and sterilized in a peel pack. Each...
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  • Microscope Drapes
    Microscope Drapes
    Our microscope drapes are made from high quality polyethylene and come with poly straps* and come in various sizes and styles to fit your specific microscope needs.  Please refer below for more specific information on...
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  • OR Accessories
    OR Accessories
    Samples Available Upon...
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  • Positioning Kits
    Positioning Kits
    Jackson spinal table kits: Come available as one of three different kits or you may choose our positioning pillows/pads individually.  Our pads are made of a soft durable foam that minimizes pressure sores and ulcers...
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  • Probe Covers
    Probe Covers
    Standard probe covers are made from polyethylene, range in size from 2″ x 24″ to 5″ x 96″, and are telescopically folded.  You have the option to order just the probe cover or in a kit with...
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