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CT Slicker Cushions

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Product Description

  • Greater Durability, Enhanced Comfort and Infection Control
Radiology Slicker Systems® are clear, micro matte vinyl protective cover systems that are designed to enhance table sanitation and minimize table maintenance.  The covers encapsulate the table cushion.  In conjunction with the cover flap system, that simplifies cleanup, and allows more thorough cleaning and disinfection.  Better cleaning results in a reduction of contaminant buildups in hard to clean areas.  Exposure to blood and fluid borne disease is reduced for the patient,  the technician, and for cleaning and maintenance personnel.

The fluid control flaps, used on Slicker systems, keep fluids and contaminants from penetrating into the electro-mechanical components of the table.  Table maintenance downtime and costs are substantially reduced.  The Slicker’s flaps, and skirts (where used), help to protect table rails and edges from wear and tear.  

A Slicker Cushion® is a lined foam cushion that is permanently welded inside a Slicker cover to further prevent cushion penetration by fluids and contaminants.

Radiology Slicker Features:

  • Each system is built using heavy, clear, micro matte vinyl, and top grade velcro to exactly fit the specified table.  Expected life is between 6 months and 2 years depending on usage.
  • Thermosealed seams and flaps deflect fluids, substantially reducing contaminant penetration into the cushion and table.  Contaminants are retained  on the table top or shunted to the floor.  The result is faster, more thorough cleanup, and reduced contaminant buildup.
  • Designed for easy cleanup and disinfection using standard bleach solutions.
  • Reduces table maintenance, and general wearand tear, including table rail and edge impact damage from stretchers.   This protection is further increased for models with skirts.
  • Systems use existing table velcro to anchor the cover- cushion combination.  The custom vinyl used to build the systems resists tears, and is formulated to minimize radiologic interference.  The vinyl also meets ISO 10993 biosensitivity requirements.
  • Easy to install and do not affect normal table usage
  • All RadScan products are completely latex free.

Click Here to see FAQ for Slicker Covers and Cushions

Each Slicker Cushion is designed for a specific table.  Please see the parts list below to find your model and contact our Customer Service Team provide you a quotation 800-265-3460 or email






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