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CT Slicker Covers

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Product Description

CT Slicker Covers
A vinyl cover made to fit an existing pad. This solution will either have hoop or loop fastener to attach to the table cradle or will expose the hook or loop that exists on the pad.

RadScan’s Slicker products help YOU improve your PATIENT’S imaging experience in the following ways:

Improved Clean Up
Slicker Products are made of a flexible plastic material that is easy for you to clean and sanitize. It is non-porous, and will not absorb fluids.

Reduced Repairs to Imaging Machines
The flaps on our Slicker Products are designed to prevent fluids from entering inside the scanner. This keeps the machine from breaking down and available for your patients.

Reduced Costs
Fewer repairs, and easier cleanups lead to quicker turnaround times between patients for your department! This means your department runs more efficiently, and combined with fewer repairs make RadScan Slicker Products a great deal

Click Here to see FAQ for Slicker Covers and Cushions

RME Part No. - RadScan's part number
OEM Part No. - Original Equipment Manufacturer's part number
L - Length of pad
W1 - Overall width of pad, or width at the head end
W2/3 - 2nd and 3rd widths of pad
H - Height of pad
Flap - Length of the cover's flap from the pad, extending outward

*All dimensions are in inches.

Each Slicker Cover is designed for a specific table.  Please see the parts list below to find your model and contact our Customer Service Team provide you a quotation 800-265-3460 or email















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