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Tables & Chair

  • Sonography Chair
    Sonography Chair
    This ergonomic sonography chair (#106-3735) is manufactured to provide multiple adjustments for seat height, back height, and backward tilt tension, along with an integrated seat slider allowing for a variety of comfortable...
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  • Econo Ultrasound Table
    Econo Ultrasound Table
    OVERVIEW The Econo Ultrasound Table is designed on the same platform as the Ultra Pro with similar features and functions.  To make it a more cost-effective alternative it is offered without Trendelenburg positioning...
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  • Ultra Pro Ultrasound Table
    Ultra Pro Ultrasound Table
    OVERVIEW The Ultra Pro™ Ultrasound Table is the professional’s choice when performing general ultrasound procedures, including OB/GYN. The table's ergonomics are designed to reduce sonographer fatigue...
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  • Sound Pro Combination Table
    Sound Pro Combination Table
    OVERVIEW The Sound Pro™ Combination Table brings together the imaging features of both the Ultra Pro and Echo Pro tables. Fully equipped for OB/GYN, general ultrasound and echocardiography procedures, the extra wide...
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  • Econo Echocardiography Table
    Econo Echocardiography Table
    OVERVIEW The Econo Echocardiography table is based on the same platform as the Echo Pro.  It has the same ergonomic features, keeping the safety of the sonographer in mind.  To make it a more cost-effective...
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  • Echo Pro™ Echocardiography Table
    Echo Pro™ Echocardiography Table
    OVERVIEW The Echo Pro™ Echocardiography Table is engineered with the sonographer in mind. The ergonomic design provides a barrier-free imaging experience, resulting in less sonographer injury and better quality images...
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  • Vasc Pro Vascular Ultrasound Table
    Vasc Pro Vascular Ultrasound Table
    OVERVIEW The Vasc Pro™ Vascular Ultrasound Table is designed with ergonomics in mind.  It addresses sonographer comfort and safety and proper patient positioning, virtually eliminating repetitive-strain injuries...
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  • Echo/Vasc Pro Vascular Ultrasound Table
    Echo/Vasc Pro Vascular Ultrasound Table
    OVERVIEW The Echo/Vasc Pro™ Vascular Echocardiography Table is the logical choice for performing vascular scanning and echocardiography.  It is designed with many features that help obtain the best quality image...
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