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Solid Water Slabs (Gammex)

  • Certified Therapy Grade Solid Water
    Certified Therapy Grade Solid Water
    Certified Therapy Grade Solid Water® Product Overview Certified Therapy Grade Solid Water® is a specially developed grade of Solid Water that is manufactured to the most exact quality assurance standards...
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  • Solid Water High Equivalency
    Solid Water High Equivalency
    NEW!  Solid Water High Equivalency (HE) Product Overview Solid Water®HE is the next generation of solid water by Gammex. It is designed for both therapy and imaging with improved uniformity and durability in mind...
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  • Standard Grade Solid Water
    Standard Grade Solid Water
    Solid Water® mimics the absorption characteristics of water over a wide range of energies. Radiation beam calibration is made easier when using Solid Water. It is designed to scatter and attenuate radiation in the same...
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