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Solid Water Slabs (Gammex)

  • Certified Therapy Grade Solid Water
    Certified Therapy Grade Solid Water
    Certified Therapy Grade Solid Water® Product Overview Certified Therapy Grade Solid Water® is a specially developed grade of Solid Water that is manufactured to the most exact quality assurance standards...
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  • Solid Water High Equivalency
    Solid Water High Equivalency
    Accurate Point Dose and PDD Dosimetry Solid Water High Equivalency (HE) is the next generation of water mimicking material, pioneered, patented, and standardized by Gammex. Solid Water HE uses patent-pending technology to...
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  • Standard Grade Solid Water
    Standard Grade Solid Water
    Solid Water® mimics the absorption characteristics of water over a wide range of energies. Radiation beam calibration is made easier when using Solid Water. It is designed to scatter and attenuate radiation in the same...
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