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Chambers & Cables

  • Advanced Marcus Electron Chamber
    Advanced Marcus Electron Chamber
    Advanced Markus® Electron Chamber Plane parallel ion chamber for high-energy electron measurements in water and solid state phantoms Vented sensitive volume of 0.02 cm3 Same outer dimensions as the...
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  • PinPoint Ionization Chambers
    PinPoint Ionization Chambers
    PinPoint® Ionization Chambers Waterproof ion chambers for dose measurements in radiotherapy with high spatial resolution Vented sensitive volumes of 0.015 cm3, 0.016 cm3 and 0.03 cm3 Suitable for...
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  • Roos Electron Chamber
    Roos Electron Chamber
    Roos® Electron Chamber Precision plane parallel chamber for absolute dosimetry of high-energy electron radiation in water and solid state phantoms Vented sensitive volume of 0.35 cm3 Reference...
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  • Waterproof Farmer Chamber
    Waterproof Farmer Chamber
    Waterproof PTW Farmer® Chamber Waterproof thimble chamber for measuring high-energy photon and electron radiation in water Vented sensitive volume of 0.6 cm3 Suitable as therapy chamber for use in...
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  • Extension Cables & Connectors
    Extension Cables & Connectors
    Extension cables Low noise — less than 5 fA leakage Triaxial or coaxial cables Custom lengths & connector configurations CNMC supplies triaxial and coaxial extension cable assemblies in standard 10-meter...
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