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Body Contoured Mobile Radiation Shield

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Product Description

Body-Contoured, Height-Adjustable, Encapsulating, Mobile Radiation Shield

The new WD261 mobile shield developed by MAVIG provides mobile X-ray protection in any location where X-ray protection is currently absent or lacks flexibility, leaving your safety at risk and disrupting your work routine. 


 Protective Factors

Clinical Evaluations:  From the initial idea to the final design, our development process was influenced by the results of multiple tests and radiation measurements in different clinical areas.  The encapsulating radiation shield is body-contoured, mobile and can be adjusted to fit the individual user, resulting in a drastically reduced annual effective dose, especially in work areas in which radiation exposure is high

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Radiation Protection

The Optimal Rolling“ Radiation Protection: A number of medical procedures which use X-rays, such as working with a C-arm, CT systems or above-table fluoroscopy equipment, require flexible radiation protection that reduces the weight stress put on the user’s body.  Permanently installed radiation protection is not feasible in many cases. In these circumstances, the WD261 series shield is a mobile solution that offers optimal radiation absorption up to chest height, which is far beyond what is provided by lower-body radiation protection alone.


  • The anatomically adapted shape of the WD261 series does not restrict arm mobility.  This means that the shield can in many cases be set to axillary height.
  • The user remains unimpeded in their activities because the shield follows every movement, even with the slightest contact from her/his body.
  • A dampened spring mechanism ensures smooth and absolutely effortless height adjustment of the shield. This ensures an optimal fit for any height and for every discipline. The user can also adjust the height of the shield during the procedure to fit the specific task.
  • Despite the space-saving design concept, there is enough leg room to permit the user to walk unhindered with the body-contoured radiation shield.

Advantage: Mobility

Body-Contoured Protection Where You Need it: The compact, body-formed shield has been designed for up-close, unimpeded access to the patient and high mobility to move freely throughout the procedure, especially where table and ceiling installed protection is not possible or where other shields cannot provide the free motion needed.  The time of being unprotected is a thing of the past.

Sterile Disposable Covers

The shield can be handled at any time when used with the special sterile disposable covers.  The disposable covers are quick and easy to put on and meet the strict hygiene requirements for clinical use.


Adjustable to your needs

The WD261 mobile radiation shield series offers smooth and feather-light height adjustment so There are no complicated releases or levers to adjust height. That means in one fluid motion, height and position can be changed and aligned throughout the procedure as required.

In cases where a fixed height is required, a brake can be activated with a turn of one hand.


Farewell to Lead Armour: A mobile shield that effectively replaces your protective clothing up to chest height.  This beginning thought in the development process resulted in the frame not being designed with a lead lining but rather with a flexible, soft and smooth curtain. This guarantees an enclosed radiation protective zone when set at any height as well as a protective overlap and minimum lead equivalence of Pb 0.50 mm in any position.

Trouble-Free Movement: Anti-tipping measures were integrated into the design to provide the required stability and fluid mobility to eliminate any dangers of falling over or tripping during usage. 

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