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Beta-Gamma Contamination Monitor Kit

  • Beta-Gamma Contamination Monitor Kit
  • Beta-Gamma Contamination Monitor Kit


Contamination Monitor for β-γ-Measurement

The beta-gamma contamination monitor LB 124 B (#115-1052) for the measurement of radioactive contamination on surfaces is based on the well proven Xenon filled proportional counter technology. This detection technique provides extremely high sensitivity for beta particles and also for gamma radiation. The instrument, therefore, is ideally suited for the measurement of photon emitting radionuclides as widely used in nuclear medicine as well as in other laboratories and environments.


  • Calibration factors for more than 50 nuclides
  • Calibration selectable according to ISO 7503-1 or related to activity on 100 cm2 area
  • Protection grid with high transmission
  • Adjustable alarm thresholds
  • Acoustic alarm
  • RS232 Interface

The contamination monitor LB 124 B is a portable battery operated instrument with a sensitive area of 150 cm2. It comprises a sealed Xenon filled proportional counter tube, a microprocessor board with display unit, as well as an amplifier and discriminator module with high voltage supply for signal processing. There are guides to mount an additional grating for better detector protection or to use a sample holder with drawer for activity measurement of small samples.

The LB 124 B has an attractive and ergonomic design and due to its low weight it is easy to handle. Even under adverse conditions, the measured results can be read easily on a large high-resolution display with background lighting.


A few directly accessible function keys suffice to operate the LB 124 B. The instrument’s surfaces can be easily decontaminated. Different user profiles with different levels of complexity and access rights can be selected: Less experienced users may use the instrument as a simple, clearly structured system. For experienced users the software offers numerous functions and utilities, measurement modes and access to all parameters. Profiles can be configured password-protected and are pre-defined as EASY, STANDARD and EXPERT. The instrument has a large data memory and supports bidirectional communication via RS232. Program download and data transfer to a PC or printer are possible.

Optional Accessories:

  • Aluminum Case
  • Additional Protection Grid 
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Floor Trolley
  • Sample Holder with drawer
Sample holder with drawer for LB 124 B 4092115-1052-specs.jpg


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