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Atomlab 500 Dose Calibrator

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Product Description

The Atomlab 500 can be used for a wide variety of nuclear medicine, PET and radioimmunotherapy applications, with proven performance for fast, accurate measurements. The system consists of a low pressure ionization chamber, electrometer with extraordinary linearity and an auto-ranging color touch screen display. Additionally, there are advanced, but easy-to-use programs for nuclear pharmacy, radiochemistry and radiochromatography.

Activity measurements are performed by the microprocessor controlled electrometer located within the chamber assembly. The chamber is shielded with .25" lead. It can be located up to eight feet away from the display unit. Chamber bias is generated by an electronic high voltage supply, eliminating the need for expensive battery changes.

Every element of the design and technical development will increase dose accuracy, department productivity and regulation compliance. The attractive and intuitive human interface guides the user through each operation. Software can easily be updated via the Biodex website or by using a convenient memory card. The touch-screen display can rest on a bench or mount on the wall of a hot lab, hot cell or laminar flow hood.

In addition to powerful self diagnostics, the Atomlab 500 includes an exclusive chamber monitoring technology to assure longer life and accuracy. Integrated pressure and temperature sensors feedback data so that the influence of gas pressure change will not effect an accurate reading.


The system is easy to use. There are 12 isotope selection touch keys pre-programmed for the most commonly used radionuclides. Any of those keys can be reprogrammed by the user for a desired isotope. There are 89 isotope-specific dial values listed in the library. Dial values can easily be changed if required.

Activity is displayed on the touch screen color display in either Curie or Becquerel units. Background correction is performed at the touch of a button. Range selection is automatic, from .01 microcurie to 100 Curies of Tc-99m or 25 Curies of F-18.

Quality Assurance

The Atomlab 500 has been designed to make life easier. The extensive selection of quality assurance applications streamlines and simplifies hot lab administration requirements. The system stores and decay corrects multiple reference sources and compares the measured activity to the calculated activity for the daily constancy test.

Linearity tests can be performed in the traditional manual method or by a fully automated program that allows for readings from a source to be taken, and automatically recorded at specified intervals. The system will graph the results.

The attenuation tube test for linearity can be performed using software that will guide the user through the procedure, store the values and make all calculations.


Atomlab Dose Calibrators have a reputation for being extremely accurate.  Biodex and chamber manufacturer Sun Nuclear Corporation have participated in the isotope program sponsored by National Institute of Standards and Technology. Each month a certified isotope is received from National Institute of Standards and Technology and is measured in the Atomlab™ Dose Calibrator, producing direct traceability to National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Data Download

The Atomlab™ Data Manager is available as an option. The Windows™ based utility allows wipe test and dose calibrator QA results to be downloaded using a USB/serial converter. The results can be viewed and printed from the data manager software as required. In addition, information stored in the data manager can be exported into Microsoft® Excel or to department management systems. 

Commercial Nuclear Pharmacy

The Atomlab 500 Dose Calibrator features a nuclear pharmacy "Dose Calculation Screen" to meet the needs of a commercial nuclear pharmacy. All the information needed to draw doses efficiently is readily available on one screen. The feature easily performs pre- and post-decay calculations, volume calculations for specific times and isotope changes all with minimal screen touches. No calculators needed! Atomlab Dose Calibrators can read up to 100 Curies of Tc-99m, thereby eliminating the need for an aliquot preparation, a significant time saver every time a generator is milked.

Industrial Nuclear Pharmacy

The Atomlab 500 provides inventory control for 25 samples, storing and correcting the volume, activity, and moly concentration. The system will perform both volume and future dose calculations. In addition to inventory management, the Atomlab 500 provides quality assurance and record keeping functions. The inkjet printer allows hard copy records to be produced for all functions.  The label printer allows the user to print labels for the syringe or vial.


The radiopharmaceutical quality control program is exceptional. The Atomlab 500 performs all counting and calculations for paper chromatography tests, computing the percentages of free pertechnetate, hydrolyzed reduced Tc-99m and labeled radiopharmaceuticals.


Up to seven ionization chambers, or six ionization chambers and a well counter can be connected via daisy chain to a single display. The activity in each detector can be selected and viewed from the single display.


RS-232 port and two USB ports to communicate in real time with the most commercially available nuclear medicine management systems, connect to external monitor or upload software upgrades.





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