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Accessories & Supplies

  • Additional Table Accessories
    Additional Table Accessories
    Please see below for additional Table...
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  • Arm Support
    Arm Support
    Arm Support - For single and dual head imaging systems  Patient comfort is essential, especially during long nuclear, CT or PET procedures that can be costly if interrupted. The Arm Support is a proven design that...
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  • Pediatric Securing System
    Pediatric Securing System
    *Available in Canada Only* Beb'x Paediatric Securing System This securing system is compatible with all medical imaging techniques  including MRI, CT, X-ray and Ultrasound (e.g. of the hip), all in the horizontal...
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  • Rotating Pediatric Securing System
    Rotating Pediatric Securing System
    *Available in Canada Only* Beb'x Rotating Paediatric Securing System This unit has the same features as the 106 model but enables the child's to be scanned with 3 positions of angle 0°, 45° and 90°.  There...
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  • CT Slicker Covers
    CT Slicker Covers
    CT Slicker CoversA vinyl cover made to fit an existing pad. This solution will either have hoop or loop fastener to attach to the table cradle or will expose the hook or loop that exists on the pad. RadScan’s...
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  • CT Slicker Cushions
    CT Slicker Cushions
    Slicker Cushions are table pads or cushions fully encased in protective vinyl Slicker Cover. This solution has hook or loop fastener on the bottom that fastens to the table cradle. RadScan’s Slicker products help...
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