• Mobile Surgical Chair (Eye Surgery)

    Mobile Surgical Chair (Eye Surgery)


    The mobile SB 5010 ES HS surgical bed was developed in close cooperation with leading surgeons in the fields of ophthalmology, ENT and maxillo facial surgery. The bed was designed to meet all the...
  • Catphan 600

    Phantom Lab

    The Catphan® 600 builds on the capabilities of the Catphan® 500 model to enable maximum performance characterization of multi-slice CT’s and the enhanced sensitometry measurements...
  • Perforated Warning Tape


    Convenient Identification that Conforms to Government Standards Pressure Sensitive adhesive plastic tapes stick to almost everything and are moisture resistant. All wording, symbols and colors...
  • NEW!  MRI Adjustable Height CUBE Stretcher

    NEW! MRI Adjustable Height CUBE Stretcher


    The NEW MRI Adjustable Height CUBE Stretcher (MR5505) is a slimmer, space saving item designed with Mobile MR/CT units in mind. The new MR5505 Stretcher has the following features: MR Conditional...
  • Case for Loni Mover


    The lightweight LoniMover Case provides space for the RTI LoniMover™ and its accessories. It offers a perfect solution for transporting and storing. Learn...
  • Piranha Premium Outdoor Case


    If a tough, dent-resistant transport option is preferable, the RTI Outdoor Carrying Case may be right for you. Made with a rugged, high impact polypropylene exterior, this case is waterproof and can...
  • Piranha Premium ALU Case


    The light-weight, aluminium Piranha Premium ALU Case is not only attractive, but it’s also just “the right size” to provide space for the Piranha and all its accessories included in...
  • CBCT Professional Set with Software

    CBCT Professional Set with Software


    The QUART DVT_AP phantom is designed to be used as a universal tool for 3D imaging equipment including CT applications. The phantom fully complies with DIN 6868-161 for acceptance tests in CBCT...