• PET CT Phantom™

    PET CT Phantom™

    Data Spectrum

    Main Features: • The PET-CT Phantom™ includes internal structures (three rods and six spheres) which when imaged with both modalities can demonstrate how accurately the...
  • Flangeless Deluxe Jaszczak Phantom™

    Flangeless Deluxe Jaszczak Phantom™

    Data Spectrum

    Deluxe ECT phantom without protruding flange to simplify positioning Main Applications: For use with high spatial resolution SPECT and PET systems* System performance evaluation...
  • patient mover

    EasySlider™ Anti-Static Patient Mover


    This Slider Board has a special coating that shields against static discharge associated with other polypropylene movers. The Anti-Static EasySlider™ is perfect for working environments where...
  • 8" Safety Step w/Handle

    Safety Step

    Built with heavy tubular aluminum that's been engineered for extra stability for medical and physical therapy patients. The shortest step stool in our medical series is perfect for those needing to...
  • Ocean™ software for X-ray QA


    Ocean, the market-leading software for X-ray QA, addresses customer needs all the way from easy-to-use Ocean Quick Check for daily checks, to advanced QA with workflow, automation, and...
  • Pneumatic Compression Paddle


    For guided compression during radiographic studies of the gastrointestinal tract, inflate the Pneumatic Compression Paddle underneath the patient. It increases pressure in a centralized area, and an...